Welcome to the Obsidian Portal page for Braving the Shadow! This is a Dark Sun 4E game I am currently working on converting to Pathfinder rules. Since I started using 4e rules, it looks like I’ll be splicing the 4e universe setup with the mechanics of Pathfinder and athas.org’s D&D 3.5 Dark Sun conversion. Please feel free to browse my version of Athas!

I am in the process of transferring info from word docs to this page, so bear with me if some of the information is lacking. I’m hoping to get everything I have up as soon as possible.

Player note: Obsidian Portal has a new Pathfinder dynamic sheet that you are welcome to use if you want to store your character info. You don’t need to post your character here because I’m using this site as a reference resource for people.

Dark Sun: Braving the Shadow

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