Dark Sun: Braving the Shadow

Notes on the Substance
From Orianna Alorim's notes on the poison...

(Written in an immaculate version of Eladrin Rellanic)

-Substance description:

Dark substance brought to my attention by companions and rescued would-be sacrifices. Intended for ingestion according to Halfling—-Daxon Ur. Appears to be mixture of sorts, including plant, animal and extraplanar components. Black in color. Slightly viscous, but thinner than tar or tree sap. Has slight acrid odor. Note to self—-trace amounts of Halfling spittle are from the would-be victim and likely not an original ingredient.

-Procedure and Preliminary Results:

Dissolved substance into approximately one-half cup water and slowly evaporated part. Used cloth leech test with rest. Substance lost original viscosity, but retained color and odor. Identified the following components on sight/smell alone:

  • Id fiend saliva
  • Hunter cactus poison
  • Floating mantle poison
  • Kank nectar (likely used as solvent)
  • Rock salt (part of buffering agent)
  • Vinegar (part of buffering agent)


Only one item left unidentified. Has extraplanar signature according to Kii’na. Inclined to agree. Hypothesize that substance is from elemental chaos because it appears highly reactive. However, does not identify cleanly with one of the prime elements. Assensing might be useful, but no longer an option. Will consult with Dar when he returns from his place with Daxon. Abyuuk was called back to report to the High Singer, companions have left to investigate the cultists’ temple, so only left with Sky Singer guards and unsure if leaving would be a good idea.

Concluded that substance is same poison applied to Sky Singer victim, Thrak Moonshadow, based on comparison of symptoms with other would-be victim—-human woman, name unknown. Both are in unconscious state that mimics restless sleep—-as if plagued by nightmares. Twitching at same rate and force, so must have received similar dosage. Suspect that developing antidote will require the unknown substance.

(Jotted below)
Someone at door…wait, why am I writing this down?

An Odd Start to the Sun Ascending Season...
From the Personal Chronicles of Dar Matthian

An extremely odd set of events today. Found out what is in “Acklatla,” a non-Halfling delicacy served by a Halfling in the Sages’ District bazaar. Glad to find out that it is a vegetable-based rather than meat-based, lest I’d have to question their food source. Also learned that the Gavedra melon harvest failed this year, which is a shame because I always look forward to purchasing my first Gavedra melon of the year.

There was also a kidnapping attempt on my good friend, Orianna. I understand that we live in Nibenay’s Western District, but I have never heard of thugs using trikals to break down a door unless the person inside owed a ganglord Nibenese Crowns. Nevertheless, a rude group of cloaked individuals broke down her front door and prepared to take her person and possibly my own life. Fortunately, my new companions dispatched of them quite easily. It made for a good turn of the day.

Which reminds me, I ought make note of them. They make for a motley group: a Gith, a Thri-Kreen, a Mul and a Genasi—-Earthsoul. Each of them speak of mysterious dreams that brought them together. This makes sense, as my dream introduced me to each of them before they arrived—-they saved my writings, the only legacy that a sage such as myself might leave. What does not make sense is that their dreams only linked one with another. Could that be significant? I’m not sure.

The dreams themselves are puzzling. They are no mere dreams in the sense that they spring from the fears and fantasies of the dreamer. They are much more vivid, much more real, and give the dreamer absolutely no control over the dream. In a sense, they act as a premonition because they introduce the dreamer to whom they will meet in the future. Of course, none of the events in the dream seem to come true. After all, I did not meet these four amidst my burning scrolls but in the Hill District based on a hunch.

Perhaps it is due to psionic influences or some odd experiment that Nibenay is conducting within Naggaramakam. I still have my theories, and I intend to put them to the test. However, perhaps now that I have met the people in my dream the explanation will reveal itself…or maybe I am still dreaming. Hmm, now wouldn’t that be odd?


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