• Abyuuk Dawnchaser

    Abyuuk Dawnchaser

    The greatest of the Sky Singers clan warriors...
  • Bost


    Former slave turned freedom fighter,
  • Dar Matthian

    Dar Matthian

    An aged sage who knows and understands far more than he lets others know...
  • Daxon Ur

    Daxon Ur

    A Halfling warrior lost in a foreign city...
  • Kii'na


    A Gith seeking to restore his people...
  • Kory Fleetrunner

    Kory Fleetrunner

    The slick, slinky "problem solver" of the Sky Singers clan...
  • Kowatare


    A student of nature seeking the power to protect his allies...
  • Nth'Klitch


    The guardian of a kidnapped clutch...
  • Orianna Alorim

    Orianna Alorim

    A striking Eladrin matron who bears the burden of living in a world that is not her own...
  • Pal'soquum


    Pal'soquum is a cursed man, plagued by spirits of rage, he desperately seeks a cure
  • Tanliss Yen

    Tanliss Yen

    One of Nibenay's Templar-Wives patrolling the Western District...
  • Trill (Talia Nedron)

    Trill (Talia Nedron)

    Short Black Hair (just above her shoulders), tanned skin, green eyes, toned body